Mother without arms does everything for her daughter

Despite all the difficulties and challenges, she never gave up on her family and herself

Our heroine is in a difficult condition, but never gives up. It’s probably impossible to even imagine life without arms. But when you spend your entire life without them, you just get used to your condition.

Meet Sarah Talby from Brussels. She was born with no arms. Doctors still have no idea what caused her to be born with this syndrome.

Sarah, however, was a strong-willed girl, and very soon got used to her condition. She learned to enjoy life without arms.

She used her legs to clean, cook and do other things.

In 2018, Sarah had a daughter. The woman managed to support her daughter in every possible way. She takes care of Lilia with her legs. Sarah decided to share her story on social media, to show people like her how she manages daily tasks.

Since childhood, Sarah has always been independent. Although she faced more difficulties after having a child, but she still refused to give up.

She overcame all challenges thanks to her strong nature and willingness.

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