Mother preferred not to leave her daughter

Her sweet smile won millions of hearts!

Rene received bad news from her doctor while she was pregnant. Her baby was going to be born with Down syndrome. Doctors suggested Rene leaving the baby in an orphanage saying that she needed special care and a lot of efforts.

According to the doctors, the baby would need to wear diapers until adulthood. However, Rene turned out to be a strong woman and refused to give up. She believed she could provide the girl with a proper life.

Rene named the girl Kennedy. Soon the girl turned out to have leukemia, but she was able to cope with this.

Since childhood, Kennedy has dreamt of becoming a dancer. She has even taken part in some competitions.

Kennedy has even cooperated with famous brands working as a model. Her sweet smile won millions of hearts!

Kennedy was also able to find the love of her life. He is Matthew and was also born with Down syndrome.

Rene proved everyone wrong about her daughter being unable to life properly. Moreover, she has achieved much more than ordinary healthy people.

Kennedy’s story has become an inspiration for many other people with the same health problem. Her Instagram account ha over 140K followers.

Her self-confidence, beauty and kindness attracts millions of people.

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