Mom’s funny reaction, when she realized whom her son came home with

A house video featuring Eva Gob, an ordinary housewife from Indiana, got more than 10 million views. And no wonder why, having become famous overnight, the woman later told in an interview that at that moment she was overflown by emotions. She has never experienced such happiness, and a violent outburst of maternal feelings. We started wondering, whom her son had come with, that brought about such a reaction.

Donnie Gob, Eva’s son, is a serviceman. Always on duty, he is rarely at home, so his visits always make his mother happy. Moreover, her son had recently finally chosen his life partner. It’s a good thing, but the new-weds decided to surprise their parents. They didn’t inform them in advance about their visit and the good reason for it. Only a week before Christmas, Donnie called his parents and told they were going to spend the holidays with them. Of course, they were welcome. Eva had no idea, who would be with them.

And so mothers become grandmothers! And it’s not hard to understand Eva’s emotions. Donnie and Miranda started going out in 2008. But the family with two servicemen constantly faces difficulties, and the solution never depends on them. They had been planning a baby for a very long time. And because of many contradictory factors they didn’t want to worry anyone ahead of time. And now, please, welcome little Melissa into this world!

Before this, Donnie and Miranda arranged the same surprise for her parents. And they were able to keep calm and not call the relatives and spoil the impression. Or maybe they were too stunned to even think about it. Is it a joke?… To find out about a granddaughter’s birth just like this, right from the doorstep…

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