Mom rushed into the fire to save the children and only 8 months later this important event happened

Would you be able to rush into a burning house to help a child, even if not your own?

Sometimes there are events in our life that we cannot predict and change. Both good and bad things. Regarding this, we may slightly change the well-known phrase – all good events are happy in the same way, and all bad ones are unhappy in their own way. After all, each has its own circumstances and consequences.

Angel with her beloved man Aaron, and three children — Vinnie, Gianna and Rosalie – were living in a cozy wonderful place. One day Aaron was out with friends celebrating a holiday, and the woman was home alone with the children. They had dinner, took a shower, and went to sleep. She woke up in the middle of the night as she couldn’t breathe.

“I remember, I woke up and felt that something was wrong. I seemed to be breathing, but I realized that I could not take a full breath. It was very hot. I opened the bedroom door and saw already a third of my house on fire. My body moved automatically: I rushed into Vinnie and Rosalie’s bedroom and took them out. I tried to call for help, but the scream died down in my throat from lack of oxygen. Then I rushed back into the house to take Gianna. I was confident enough to take her out of the house, there was no other option”.

When the woman went back, half of the house was already caught on fire. She had to get to her daughter’s bedroom as fast as possible. All the time, Angel was hearing Gianna’s voice: “Mom, mom!”. The woman still managed to get to the room and find the girl somehow.

“I pulled her to me, and together we crawled to the exit. It was hard, but we needed to be saved. When we got to the door and I turned the handle, the skin on my hand seemed to melt. The fire was growing bigger. It felt like we were in a film. Our skin was black and charred, hanging from our arms. But I knew everything was all right, as we could at least get out of the house. Then, I guess, I lost consciousness”.

Fortunately, a retired firefighter, and then an ambulance worker Matt Berson noticed the burning house and immediately rushed to help. He calmed the son down who was rushing to help his mother. Then the man entered the house and noticed the woman with her daughter lying on the floor. As he mentioned later, it was a miracle that the woman managed to get the child out in time, because the whole house was now on fire.

Angel and Gianna woke up from severe pain of burns, waiting for the ambulance to arrive. They were immediately taken to the University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle. Angel was severely injured: 43% of the body surface was burnt of the third degree (back, arms, legs, neck, face), and also caused serious damage to the respiratory tract. For several days she had to breathe through a special apparatus, and her hands were hanging so that the skin could recover faster.

Gianna was in a separate ward. Her burns were of less damage. However, doctors mentioned that if it hadn’t been for her mother that night, things could have been much worse. They slowly got better together. Then something unbelievable happened. In the hospital Angel got infected with bacterial pneumonia. Sepsis was developing, and then she had multiple organ failure, which put her in a coma for 10 days.

“Doctors told my family, I needed their support,- tells Angel,- And I somehow felt it! Aaron was sitting next to my bed for several days. Our kids were at his friend’s house. Everyone was worried about me”.

“In the end, I had 3 skin transplants. One of them was like this: the skin on my thighs was taken off, and was straight attached to my back! It was very, very painful. But all these procedures were necessary for me to get well”.

Five weeks after the tragedy, Angel was allowed to return home. But where was she supposed to go? Back to the ashes? There was a surprise for her. The family, who wished to remain anonymous, gave them a van as they knew that their house had completely burnt down. Many other kind-hearted people donated a bunch of toys to the children. The cause of the fire is officially considered “uncertain”. But Angel believes that the it was the broken heater in one of the rooms, but now hardly anyone would know the truth.

“It was difficult to go back nor normal life,-admits Angel,- I can still imagine all our memories burning in flames. But we only have to get used to it and live on”.

In January, Aaron decided to prepare a surprise for Angel. The fact is that the couple had been living together for 15 years. They had three children, but were not officially married. Angel had already lost hope of a proposal from Aaron. But at dinner, where they thanked friends for their help, the man asked her to become his wife.

“I couldn’t believe we were finally married. It was such a wonderful day, and I’m happy that all our closest friends and relatives were present,-Angel tells,-I’m grateful to God for saving us! And if I had to save my children once again, I wouldn’t think even for a second! I wouldn’t change anything in my life!”

And what about you? Is there anything you regret doing? Would you be able to rush into a burning house to help a child, even if not your own?

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