“Mark Wahlberg talks faith”: Actor refuses to deny his faith even though it’s not popular in Hollywood.

He emphasized how his faith has provided him with abundant opportunities

Mark Wahlberg is known for his open embrace of his Catholic faith, never shying away from discussing it or proudly displaying his ash cross on Ash Wednesday. During a recent appearance on TODAY, the 51-year-old actor emphasized the importance of balance when it comes to sharing his religious beliefs. While he does not seek to impose his opinions on others, he remains steadfast in his convictions, even if they are not widely held in his industry. He feels compelled to share his faith with others, while also respecting and honoring his friends from diverse backgrounds and faiths.

In an interview from April 2022, Wahlberg reiterated his approach of “share but don’t push” when it comes to instilling his beliefs in his four children with wife Rhea Durham.

As a paid ambassador and guest narrator for the Catholic prayer app Hallow, Wahlberg delved deeper into the Lenten season and its fasting traditions during his conversation with Savannah Guthrie. He highlighted the various facets of fasting, emphasizing that alternative solutions exist for individuals with dietary restrictions. Wahlberg believes that fasting allows people to distance themselves from guilt and negative influences, focusing instead on healthy habits. For example, he abstains from meat on Fridays during Lent and Good Friday, consuming only one meal on those days.

Additionally, Wahlberg will guide listeners through inspiring talks on fasting as part of the Hallow app’s Pray40 Lent Challenge.

Wahlberg observed that people often discover their best selves when they exhibit the discipline required during Lent’s challenges. He has personally prioritized discipline throughout his life, particularly during his transition from music to movies, and it has brought him numerous benefits. He is eager to share the rewards of discipline with others, whether through fasting, increased exercise, reducing distractions, or spending more time in prayer and deepening his relationship with God. These are essential aspects to consider.

When asked to sum up his religion, Wahlberg replied, “It’s everything.” He emphasized how his faith has provided him with abundant opportunities and that God sent Jesus to save the lost rather than the believers. Wahlberg’s personal experiences have motivated him to strive for personal growth and focusing on his faith has been instrumental in that process.

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