Mansion Owner Hasn’t Washed Herself In 3 Years & Never Washed Her Bedding

A mansion owner in Wales hasn’t bathed in three years because the hot water stopped running in her home.
She rarely cleaned her home in the 29 years she’s lived there and refuses to use any cleaning products on her antiques.
With a small pension as her only source of funds, she’s opened up her home to the public and asked two cleaners to help her tidy up the space.
In 1985, a woman purchased the Plas Teg mansion in Wales for 70,000 pounds. In today’s exchange rate, that’s roughly 89,000 US dollars.

Plas Teg is an extensive 17th-century mansion with ten bedrooms and large meeting halls. In the 29 years that Cornelia Bayley, 74, lived in the property, she’s refused to use any cleaning products on any of the home’s furniture and hasn’t washed her bedsheets, rugs, and other upholstery since.

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The Woman Couldn’t Maintain the House
Bayley, a retired antique dealer, insists on keeping the 17th-century mansion in the same shape as it was centuries ago. She enjoys living in another era, even though that means going to extreme lengths to keep the home looking aged.

Maintaining the large property has drained Bayley’s finances. She now relies on a small pension to buy what she needs on a daily basis, so there’s no room for extra expenses.

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Plas Teg had not been cleaned for years. Bayley admitted that in the 29 years she’s lived on the property, she’s only cleaned it a few times. Her bathtub remains untouched and is filled with molds and grease. It turned out that Bayley hadn’t washed herself in decades. She couldn’t afford hot water, so she chose not to bathe.

Bayley shrugged and revealed she’s never washed her bedsheet or mattress, which were likely a hundred years old.

She said that in the 17th century, people rarely bathed anyway. So, she simply saw herself as living in another era but in the modern age. “I still live like that” she explained.

With her money depleted, Bayley sought a way to increase her income. She decided to open up Plas Teg to the public for tours and events. Unfortunately for her, there were barely any takers. They couldn’t take the filth and dirt that had accumulated over 29 years in the rarely-cleaned space.

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Cleaners with OCD Tried to Clean the House
She sought the help of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners Hayley and Dann to spruce up her space before she opened it up to the public. The cleaners, who can’t stand germs and dirt, were horrified to see Bayley’s living conditions.

“Cornelia, when was the bedding last washed?!” Hayley asked. Bayley shrugged and revealed she’s never washed her bedsheet or mattress, which were likely a hundred years old.

To make matters worse for the cleaners, Bayley refused to use any cleaning products. She told the cleaners to scrub with a sponge and water, the same thing people used to do in the 17th century. “It doesn’t kill the bacteria then, does it?” Hayley asked the homeowner. Bayley couldn’t care less. She replied:

“The Bacteria can live here. I could care less.”

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Hayley and Dann were freaking out inside at this point. They compromised with Bayley to allow them to use some cleaning liquid, to which she agreed.

Ultimately, Bayley was “happy” with the result of their cleaning spree. Although she didn’t agree to add their modern finishing touches, which included candles and tables, she was content with how they were able to freshen up the space.

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