Love with the smell of phlox: how this man returned the meaning of life to his blind wife

The Kuroki couple has always lived in the countryside. They used to breed cows, which indeed was not an easy job. As Toshiyuki says, his wife has always supported him, and she always smiles even in difficult times.

During all these years of a happy life, they have raised three children. When it was time they retired, Toshiyuki and Yasuko started thinking about their well-deserved rest. They had a dream to travel all over Japan, but the universe had prepared a terrible experience for them.

A misfortune happened in this happy Japanese family – Yasuko started losing her eyesight because of complications of diabetes. And at the age of 52, the woman went completely blind.

She was unable to overcome this and got into depression. Yasuko didn’t want to see any of her friends and relatives.

At that moment, Mr. Kuroki got a great idea! He decided to plant a huge garden with fragrant flowers around their house. Of course, his wife couldn’t see, but at least she could smell them.

Toshiyuki has been planting the garden for 2 years!

And he managed to create something incredible!

Yasuko loves the garden a lot. She started to have a walk around the house more often enjoying the fragrance of the flowers.

Very often the spouses relax together.

And besides, not only the neighbors, but also tourists from different countries come to see the Kuroki garden.

All the guests are welcome here. The spouses think it’s thanks to communicating with other people, that Yasuko realized life still goes on!

This is how true and powerful love can bring a person back to life. Love each other and stay loved!

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