“Lost their charm”: 8 Hollywood man that have lost their previous attractiveness

Some of them are unrecognizable!

“How could you not like him, look what a handsome man he is!”, “A real macho”…this is what women used to exclaim when seeing these Hollywood stars not so long ago. But time changes and “Hollywood sex symbols” are no longer the same.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Remember Leo in “Titanic”? He was the all-time favorite for millions of women all over the world. However, the actor has changed over time and aged a lot.

Edward Norton

The “Fight Club” star has changed beyond recognition! He has aged and gone gray.

Johnny Depp

Johnny’s life has been quite a hell during the past few years. He is worn out and exhausted from his involvement in the legal process with his ex-wife.

Jude Law

Jude used to be really handsome and fit. Now he got the so-called “dad bod” and wrinkles.

Antonio Banderas

One can hardly recognize Banderas in this photo. He looks much older than his age, mostly because of the lack of hair and even the eyebrows.

Brendan Fraser

The actor of “Mummy” has aged and put on some weight. However, these changes were brought on by his illness. Currently he is working hard on himself, trying to keep fit.

Hugh Grant

The incredibly attractive actor is an example of how aging manifests itself. He has gone gray, has some wrinkles and facial imperfections.

Matthew Perry

Matthew has changed a lot over the last few years. It turned out that during these few years, Matthew was trying to get over his drug addiction and depression.

What do you think about these actors and the way they look now?

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