Lost her memory after childbirth. The woman forgot her husband and son

I don’t remember who you are, but I know I love you…

If you’ve ever watched TV series, then you’ve certainly noticed that the characters in them often lose their memory at the whim of the screenwriters. This is followed by an equally dramatic recovery.

But in life, unfortunately, all this can be much harder and sadder. This happened to the heroine of our story, 24-year-old Kamre Courtauld.

The young woman was happily married, she and her husband Steve were just expecting the birth of their first child. It would seem that the couple still has a whole life ahead of them, full of love and joy.

However, at the 33rd week of pregnancy, Kamre began to have serious complications, due to preeclampsia, she had to be hospitalized and have an urgent caesarean. And during the operation, the woman had a stroke, the doctors were barely able to save her. To stabilize Kamre’s condition, doctors were forced to put her in a coma for two days.

When Kamre came to her senses, something strange happened. The woman could not talk coherently and did not recognize anyone around. Apparently, the oxygen starvation of the brain, which lasted several minutes, affected her so much. Kamre did not remember that she had a husband, did not remember that she was pregnant. The woman could not understand who she was and why she was there.

Of all the relatives who came to the hospital, Kamre somehow instinctively reached out to her mother. Therefore, it was decided that her parents would pick her up after discharge. The baby, who was born prematurely, continued to stay in the hospital, and Steve took care of him.

It took a lot of patience for the man. As the doctors explained, his wife’s brain now resembled a computer disk that had just been formatted. Every day he came to Kamre, told her about their life and showed her pictures. The trouble is that even now the woman could not remember what happened a few hours ago.

Every day Steve had to start dating again. Kamre went with him several times to visit their little son, but only a month later decided to take him in her arms for the first time. Gradually, Steve managed to re-win the love of his wife. During one of his visits , he heard from Kamre: “I don’t remember who you are, but I know I love you…”

When the baby turned one year old, the couple officially got married. Later, Steve wrote a book for Kamre, where he described the history of their relationship. The woman admitted that she would really like to remember all the wonderful moments described there, she still hopes that someday it will be possible. By the way, Steve called the touching book of memory “I don’t remember who you are, but I know I love you…”

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