“Like a plastic aged Ken.” Why did Pitt’s new photos cause such a stir?

You’re probably used to seeing Brad Pitt as a macho, strong and successful man. But lately the actor has changed a lot, practically stopped acting in films and turned into himself and producing. “I’m on my last legs ,” Brad says about himself. He recently starred in an unusual photo shoot for the Spanish gloss GQ. The pictures perfectly convey the actor’s inner state. New photos of Brad Pitt are a mixture of drama, decadence and even mysticism. Pitt got so into character in front of the camera that many people didn’t even recognize him as a result, and the actor himself received many controversial comments.

Why new photos of Brad Pitt caused such a stir

Brad Pitt in a new photo shoot appeared in a radically new image for himself . He allowed himself to line his eyes with a brown pencil and stick rhinestones on his face for some shots. In addition, Pitt tried on a skirt. Something very unusual for a Hollywood macho!

The outfits of Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, and Saint Laurent helped create a bright image. But what is most impressive is not this external tinsel, but the drama with which the actor approached the photo shoot. Or maybe he didn’t play at all? Brad Pitt’s face in the new photographs looks like a mask of frozen life. Everything is in the style of decadence of the 1920s.

In some photos , the resemblance to the famous painting “Ophelia” by John Millais is immediately striking . By the way, it was the photo from this series that was featured on the cover of the August issue of GQ magazine. Many appreciated the efforts of Pitt and Russian-German photographer Elizaveta Porodina. She was the one who worked on this photo shoot.

How the public comments on the photo shoot

“This is something very personal, like looking into a person’s inner world! Strong emotions, vivid impressions!”, “A person who is on the path of self-discovery can decide to take such a photo shoot. These are memories of the past and a rethinking of the present”, “Brad is so versatile!”, “Very cool! As if not Pitt. And at the same time, he, unexpectedly alive and real, appears behind all this surroundings,” “Unusual viewing sensations. The photo is fire ,” people praise the photo shoot online.

At the same time, many were left with a negative impression of how the photographer saw Brad through the lens. “What happened to Brad? Like a plastic aged Ken”, “Tear off the photographer’s arms. Even in random paparazzi photos he looks a hundred times better. Perhaps this is the idea – to show an atypical Brad”, “The photographer’s creative idea, but it turned out terrible. I don’t want to look at it. Like the drawings of a mental patient,” “Such photos will drive anyone to depression,” “Like an overstretched mannequin, to be honest,” write those who didn’t like Brad Pitt’s photo shoot.

Brad Pitt’s interview with Spanish magazine

The actor pleased (and upset some) not only with new photographs for the glossy, but also with revelations in interviews . 58-year-old Pitt admitted that he was going through hard times. “I feel like I’m on my last legs. I think a lot about what lies ahead for me. Which chapter will be the last? – says the actor. Now Brad can be seen less and less in films. He’s more into producing. He also has many other hobbies: winemaking , clay modeling, playing the guitar. Brad chooses creative pursuits for himself. During quarantine, his craving for art only increased. “I’m one of those people who speaks through art. I just want to always create. If I don’t create anything, I don’t exist ,” shares the actor.

Winemaking may not seem exactly like an art. But for Brad Pitt this is just a creative process. Moreover, the actor has not drunk alcohol for many years . For him, the beauty is in the process of making wine, and not in its consumption. By the way, in an interview, Brad admitted that after Jolie filed for divorce, he went to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for a year and a half. Now he has switched to a healthy lifestyle.

Nightmares and loneliness

Brad Pitt also admitted in an interview that he often has nightmares . It’s almost always the same dream, where at the end he gets stabbed to death. The dreams frightened Pitt until he began to understand them. Now the actor says that he writes down and analyzes what he sees in his dreams. He concluded that he needed to accept all of his life’s scars in order to stop seeing this nightmare.

Brad also talked about his loneliness . “I have always felt very alone in my life. Lonely when I was a child, lonely even here, and only recently have I become closer to my friends and family ,” says the actor. Now Pitt has moved into his own house, which he bought in 1994 with the first big money he earned. There he can comfortably drown in creativity and unity with himself.

It seems that Brad Pitt’s new photo shoot captures his current inner state very well. What emotions did the actor’s photographs evoke in you?

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