“Light skin and golden hair”: Everyone mocked this Indian girl for her unusual appearance

Locals accept her as a celebrity when she speaks Hindi

Pooja Ganatra is an Indian woman who has always been in the center of everyone’s attention in her country. She was born with an unusual appearance, and everyone mocked her for that. Some people even thought she was Caucasian.

Although the girl grew up surrounded with negative opinions, Pooja is now proud of her distinctive appearance and intelligence. Both her parents are native Indian, but she was born with a light color of skin, golden hair and freckles. She remembers, that when she was a child, people considered her ill and started gossiping about her.

Pooja is sure she has inherited her unique appearance from her ancestors. After all, genes play a huge role in our lives.

Avatism is a biological condition, when genes that have been passive for years, suddenly reappear in future generations.

Pooja was able to find something positive in the situation she is in: locals accept her as a celebrity when she speaks Hindi. Some people even think she is a tourist and treat her like one. Pooja says Indian people like taking photos with foreigners. And as people think she is a foreigner, they ask her for photos too. In these cases Pooja just turns and says that she is a local.

The girl even agreed on a DNA test for scientists to study her condition and learn more about her ancestry.

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