Life in capsule – Martha Mason lived like this for 60 years

She was cheerful even when she was unable to live her life to the full

How do you learn to always be grateful, learn a lesson and experience from every situation and surround yourself with exceptionally positive people? There’s, most probably, no exact answer to this question. Everyone should deal with this their own way…

Today we will tell you about a woman named Martha Mason. This woman spent her whole life in a capsule, but still managed to stay positive, maintain her will-power and was always grateful to her fate.

Martha was born in 1973. Just like any other child, she was also very active and cheerful, attended school and played with her friends with a great pleasure. At the age of 11, the girl fell ill with polio, which she contracted from her brother. It was only after his death that she began to show similar symptoms. But in order not to make her parent even more depressed, she kept her disease a secret. And when it was already impossible to hide the symptoms, she was taken to hospital.

After about a month, the girl’s muscles atrophied. She could not move or even breathe on her own. Therefore, she was placed in an artificial respiration apparatus, called Iron lung. The principle of such a capsule is the change in the air pressure, which helps bedridden patients breathe. For this purpose, a person’s whole body, except the head, should be placed inside the iron pot.

Doctors didn’t give any chances to the girl – a year of live at most.

Despite all this, Marta lived for another 61 years, of course, with the great help of family and friends. The girl lived, although it was difficult.

Martha was able to graduate from school and two prestigious universities with a medal, staying in the capsule at the same time. She majored in journalism and even worked for the local newspaper. At first, her mother was helping the girl, then computers came into use, that could convert whatever you said into a text.

By the way, the editors noted, that Mason had an incredible talent, because mostly her articles were popular among the readers.

Martha had a lot of friends. She never got depressed, quite the opposite, she was always the heart of the company.

The journalist wrote the book Breath: Life in the Rhythm of an Iron Lung.

In her book she tells how to value life and not waste time on imaginary depression and problems.

Martha, actually, could “get out” of the pot but for a really short time and quite rarely. “It’s very difficult to live thinking that your life will end at any minute, that’s what gave me the strength to enjoy every second”, admitted the author in her book.

Martha Mason outlived her parents and passed away in 2009, at the age of 72. Her fate is a good chance to once again consider the way we live our lives.

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