“Legendary Performance!”: 60-year-old gold medal champions are back on the ice!

No matter how old they get, they keep delighting their fans!

There are hardly any sports as graceful and magical as figure skating. There is something elegant and satisfying about watching skilled individuals or pairs slide on the ice in such a magical way that we cannot even imagine. The flexibility of one’s body and coordination of movements while performing are truly wonderful.

In order to reach a high level of proficiency, you surely need to train a lot and follow the professionals’ advice. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean know what exactly it takes. After a long period of of figure skating career, the pair are now judging other competitors.

Although the duo have retired a long time ago, they are still able to amaze the audience with their wonderful performance. They performed to the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at the  ITV Dancing On Ice Championships in March 2019.

The great ice skaters are already quite old. Still, they managed to outperform even the best young ice skaters. The duo set a record at the 1984 Winter Olympics, and keep delighting all their fans to this day.

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