“Late happiness”: this woman had a daughter at 60. She is 3 years old now.

It is known that the older the woman, the harder it is for her to get pregnant in the natural way and have a healthy child. If by 40 years the woman didn’t manage to have a child, it’s less likely she can make her dream come true later.

However, this couple from Serbia was lucky. For many years they had been trying to become parents, but couldn’t manage to. And when Atifa was 60 years old, and her husband, Serif, was 68, a miracle happened. The woman couldn’t believe the pregnancy test showed two lines.

Serif was incredibly happy. He tried to support his wife by all means during her pregnancy. Soon an absolutely healthy baby was born who was named Alina. It seems the family should’ve been surrounded with love and harmony, as the thing they had dreamt of for many years, was finally realized.

But Serif soon announced he didn’t want to live with his wife and daughter. He blamed it on the child’s loud cry, saying he didn’t imagine it would affect his mental health.

People couldn’t understand the man, and tried to help the old lady and her little daughter. They provided her with money, clothes, someone even used to send food to their house. However, Atifa is not upset and is currently raising her 3-year-old wonderful daughter. She says, the girl’s birth is the best thing that has happened in her life.

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