“Kindergarten at home”: The life of the family, where 24 years ago septuplets were born

When a woman gives birth to a baby she realizes how hard it is to be a mother. When she gives birth to two or more children – this is a real heroism. And what do you think about the fact, that 24 years ago in one of the families 7 babies were born at the same time?

In the McCaughey family the year 1997 was marked by and incredible event – they had septuplets, and the family made headlines with this.

A year before this sensation, the McCaugheys had their first born daughter – Mikayla Marie. However the father- Kenny – wanted a big and friendly family. So the parents decided to have another child right after the first one.

Doctors were afraid that one of the babies might get hurt in the womb or during the labor, but only two of them were diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 24 years later all of the children are making their parents incredibly happy.

After the children’s birth the family immediately became popular. Famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey talked about this unique family during her show. And the then-President of the USA Bill Clinton had a phone call with the McCaughey couple himself. He had a conversation with them and gave them a big house.

Currently there is a lot of pleasant hassle in the family. Some of the children are getting married, some of them are already having their babies, others continue their education at universities and work hard to achieve career heights. The parents do their best to help their heirs as much as they can and support them in every aspect.

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