Kenya Moore Lets Go of Self-Blame in Divorce, Reflects on Past Mistakes

Kenya Moore is feeling really good about her life right now. She’s in a new place where she’s being kinder to herself and loving who she is.

She’s talking about her part in a new movie called “Abducted Off the Street: The Carlesha Gaither Story.” Kenya says she’s finally giving herself permission to enjoy life after her divorce from Marc Daly.

Before, she was always too hard on herself, like she was living by her grandma’s strict rules. But now, she’s letting go of that and embracing all parts of herself.

Kenya used to blame herself for her divorce, but after looking back at old messages and recordings, she realized it wasn’t all her fault. She’s done blaming herself for things that went wrong.

Now, she’s focused on her bucket list, like growing her hair care business and maybe finding love again. But that’s not her main priority.

She’s also excited to get back into acting, especially with roles like the one she has in the new movie. It’s a big deal for her, and she hopes it helps shed light on important issues.

Overall, Kenya feels like things are looking up for her, especially in her career. She’s got some new movie opportunities on the horizon, and she’s feeling hopeful about what’s to come.

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