Kelly Rutherford’s Effortless Style Secrets and Elevator Selfies Revealed

Kelly Rutherford has been doing really well at Fashion Week and in her life.

“I’ve always loved clothes,” says the actress, 55, who has been seen at both Paris and New York Fashion Week recently looking great after mostly focusing on parenting for ten years.

Now she’s also back on TV, acting in the French comedy Escort Boys, and she’s happy to be on TV again and going to events.

Her secret to looking good?

“I’m not sure,” she thinks. “I think the key is to not worry too much about it and to enjoy your life. I also think my lifestyle helps. I eat healthy. And my mom looks young for her age, so maybe it’s genetics.”

She also ignores any negativity about women being seen as unimportant after 50.

“I think ignoring that and enjoying your life and your age, and being grateful for your health, is important,” she says. “It’s all a blessing.”

As for fashion, she says she liked it even before she became famous for her style on Gossip Girl.

“It’s just the fun of it,” she says. “I used to make vision boards. I loved creating worlds from a young age. Not just clothes, but I’ve always liked design and buildings. I like beauty, I like cities.”

Her fancy selfies on Instagram haven’t gone unnoticed.

“Social media has always been natural for me,” she says. “I don’t have anyone helping me. I post quotes and people like them, but it’s not about likes. I’ve found my way with it. I think we’re all figuring out how to use it in a way that fits our age and lifestyle.”

She adds, “I think it’s important to spread positive energy. The world needs it. We all need it.”

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