“Karma Exists!”: Thieves Tried To Siphon Gas But Got Sewage By Chance

A somewhat bitter taste in their mouth

While some may still question the existence of karma, it’s hard not to wonder when hearing stories like this one.

For as long as there have been gas tanks, people have been siphoning gas from others’ vehicles, much to everyone’s annoyance. But in Australia, a group of would-be thieves got a taste of their own medicine in a most satisfying way.

Their plan was to siphon gas from a tour bus in the middle of the night. All seemed to be going well until they realized, too late, that they had inserted their hose into the wrong hole. Instead of fuel, they were sucking sewage.

According to Laverton Police Sen. Sgt Heath Soutar, the thieves must have made a hasty retreat with “a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.” While no suspects have been caught yet, we can only hope that this experience will be enough to deter them from committing similar crimes in the future.

It’s always satisfying to see karma come back around and bite those who deserve it. Thieves have no place in society, and this story serves as a reminder that their actions will have consequences.

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