Kanye West and Bianca Censori were spotted together at a party in Dubai after rumors of a breakup.

Last week, the media was full of headlines about the separation of Kanye West and his young wife Bianca Censori. It was reported that the couple took a break in their relationship. Allegedly, the girl took such a step under the influence of her relatives, who initially opposed her marriage to the rapper. However, journalists seem to have rushed to conclusions: the star couple was spotted together at a party at the Royal Atlantis hotel in Dubai.

General photos of lovers were found on social networks by employees of the American publication Page Six. Looking at these pictures, it’s hard to believe that the spouses are going through a crisis in their relationship: smiles, hugs and other attributes of a happy marriage are in place. The rapper chose a black tracksuit with a hood for the event, and his chosen one remained true to her daring style and came to the party in a beige miniskirt and a gray satin bra.

By the way, it was the revealing outfits on the verge of a foul that insiders called one of the reasons for the couple’s separation. Sources close to West and Censori said that the rapper personally chooses clothes for his young wife, forces her to exercise and follow a diet, and also forbids her to communicate with friends and family and talk in public. Against this background, the girl’s family sounded the alarm. And Censori’s relatives, it must be said, are by no means simple .

However, the Daily Mail’s source put forward a new version of Bianca’s sudden departure to Australia. It turns out that the girl simply gave Kanye the opportunity to communicate privately with her eldest daughter North. Like, she missed her father terribly – and her admission that she dreams of a simple life, like her dad’s, completely broke the stern rapper’s heart. Well, we hope the father-daughter vacation went well, as did Kanye’s reunion with his wife. And this couple will not give us any more reasons for rumors and speculation.

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