Kailyn Lowry Shares Twins’ Names and Declares Family is ‘Complete’

Kailyn Lowry and Elijah Scott became parents to twins last autumn. They now have a big family with seven kids. Their new babies joined their son Rio. Lowry’s other kids are Creed, Lux, Lincoln, and Isaac.

Lowry shared a video on TikTok introducing her twins. She revealed their names: Verse for the boy and Valley for the girl. The video showed glimpses of the babies and their nursery.

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Lowry talked about the challenges of managing time between the NICU and taking care of her other children at home. It was tough for her and Scott because they had to take turns visiting the hospital.

Finally, they were happy to bring their baby girl home. Lowry was worried about bonding with her because she spent a long time in the NICU alone.

Lowry expressed her joy in feeling like her family is complete now. She’s excited about her journey as a mom and the privacy it brings. She’s a bit nervous about having so many birthdays in one month but looks forward to seeing her kids grow up.

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