“Just wanted to be thinner”: What the girl who has bet anorexia looks like now

Many of us want to achieve our dream body, however not all methods are good. For example, Anna Windley from Britain faced anorexia a few years ago. All because she thought she’s not slim enough.

The girl had no proper diet, as in a week she ate only one sandwich. All because of her insane fear of food and calories. No one explained the girl that the method she was using might bring about sad results instead of positive emotions and slimness.

On her path of weight loss Anna not only got skinnier. Since childhood, she has been inclined to be overweight, which served ground for mockery from her peers. Not being able to bear such a treatment anymore, Anna started to vigorously lose weight.

Over time, such a strict restriction in food caused Anna to be afraid of food. She would run to another room to avoid the smell of the food being prepared. She considered food her enemy. But, at some point, she wanted to try a bar of chocolate, just like many of us would do.

She tried it and realized, that she possibly couldn’t instantly recover from it. Gradually, anna started to have a little fun eating chocolate, which did her good.

Now Anna is 29, weighs 45kg and has a happy life. Now she eats properly and is engaged in sports. She doesn’t even want to remember that period of her life, when the only thing in her mind was food.

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