“Interesting story”: Poor family lives in a forest

Their life was filled with sorrow and suffering

Everyone’s life is full of ups and downs. You can have a normal happy life, but even one failure can change everything. Such a terrible failure happened to Shannon Loveless and her family. The poor family ended up homeless, living in the woods. Shannon is from Sacramento, California. Now her family needs to struggle to survive every day.

As the Loveless family didn’t have their own house, Shannon and her children had to camp behind the Walmart store. In fact, they lived in the forest behind the store. They had to beg for food from people shopping in the store.

“There was no light at the end of the tunnel”, told Shannon CBS Sacramento.

Her life was filled with sorrow and suffering.

However, everything finally changed one day. Two wonderful people – officers Tim Yee and Johnny Lee – came across Shannon and her children behind the store. Shannon knew that police officers usually don’t sympathize with the homeless. The situation is worse in California, where the homelessness crisis is out of control. Therefore, Shannon was afraid when she saw the policemen approaching her family.

Shannon had never met a police officer who was kind to her family. They would all shout at her urging her to stop sleeping in a van and start working and doing better.

When officers im Yee and Johnny Lee arrived, the woman was in the middle of preparing dinner for her children. They found out that the family was homeless and was struggling to survive. And instead of shouting at her and punishing the family, the officers did something unexpected.

The policemen were speechless after seeing the living conditions of the family. they had nothing to eat, the children were dirty and lacked all the necessities. Instead of punishing them, the officers soon came back with a big bag full of donated goods. There were clothes, toys and food in the bag. However, this is not all the officers did!

The Loveless family had been living in a van behind the local Walmart store for four months. The family needed a helping hand, and fortunately, the two police officers were there for them.

The officers gave them a chance to move to a motel for a while, until the could find a permanent housing. This was a huge help for Shannon and her family. The community is grateful to these two officers for their generosity and kindness.

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