Incredible story. This man worked as a taxi driver for 24 years to find his daughter

This incredible story might pretty much become a plot of a Hollywood film, and would be quite successful. But unfortunately, this happened in real life.

In 1994, a terrible grief happened to the Tsifen family. Their 3-year-old daughter Wang, who was playing in the yard of their house, got lost without a trace. Distraught parents didn’t know how to live further. They searched for their daughter for days. Everyone was involved in the search: the police, volunteers, relatives, and just caring people. However, all their efforts were in vain. The girl seemed to have disappeared.

They called hospitals, shelters and even morgues, but the baby was nowhere to be found.…

The number of the people willing to help find the girl gradually decreased. People didn’t believe, that the child would one day be found. Everyone, but the parents! They believed their daughter would come back.

The lost girl’s father, Mintsin, came up with an idea how to keep searching. The man became a taxi driver, and showed his every passenger the photo of his daughter. In addition, he posted the story of his child’s disappearance on social networks and asked everyone who read it to share.

Thousands of people knew about the big grief of the man and tried to help him somehow, by sharing the photos of Wang on social network. However, 24 years passed, and there was no news about the girl. Then Mintsin realized his mistake and just how much time he had wasted! All these years, the man was showing people the photo of a little girl. But after so many years, his daughter looked absolutely different. The man went to the police, and told them everything. The staff felt sorry for the man and helped him create a picture of his daughter’s possible appearance. And this radically changed the whole investigation!

After seeing her own photo on TV, the 27-year-old girl was surprised to know, that someone had been looking for her all these years. The girl had a different name for a long time, but she still remembered that until the day she got lost from their yard, she had a completely different life.

Soon, the Tsifen family was reunited. In order to confirm or deny their relationship, a DNA test was conducted. The test confirmed that this girl was baby Wang, who left her home many years ago…

Here’s how their meeting went after 24 years!

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