“Incredible Baby”: how is the life of the blind girl adopted by a couple from the USA?

A few years ago a girl named Primrose was born in China. She was blind from birth, and this phenomenon made her unique. The girl was diagnosed as having a rare disease – congenital glaucoma. The baby’s eyes were silver-white, which mesmerized everyone.

However, her parents didn’t need such a child. The girl’s mother left her immediately after labor, so Primrose’s path led directly to the orphanage. No one really wanted to adopt her. Maybe people were afraid to take the responsibility of raising such a child.

But one day a couple from America – Arin and Chris Austin – noticed the baby’s photo. They had already had two children, enough finances and love. Seems like no one would dream about anything more. Anyway, they couldn’t leave helpless Primrose in her state.

The process of adoption took a few long months, as in such serious cases many kinds of documents need to be collected and thoroughly checked by solicitors. After all, everything ended up successfully and the girl moved to America together with her adoptive parents.

After a few years of the disease, the doctors came into conclusion – both of her eyes needed to be removed in order to eliminate severe pain. The decision was hard, but they finally made it – the baby underwent a serious operation, after which she got much better.

Over time, they would need to make special prostheses for her. The girl’s parents hope she will have a happy life and her blindness won’t bother her at all.

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