In China, a boy who dropped out of university hid from his parents for 16 years

We should ease the pressure on students

Recently, footage of a Chinese family reuniting after 16 long years of separation flew around the world.

The emotional moment, when 39-year-old Wang on his knees asks for forgiveness from his mother, was distributed through the Chinese social network Weibo. The man’s parents had not stopped looking for him all this time and were already ready to accept his death.

The reason for the disappearance of the still young man, would cause bewilderment among Europeans. The reason is, he has been hiding all these years, not daring to look into the eyes of his loved ones. He considered himself disgraced after he was expelled from college.

Wang graduated from school in 2001 and was rightfully considered the best graduate. In the same year, he went to another province to study at one of the hundred best universities in the country, but he did not pass the final exams in 2005. At the same time, all his contacts with his family and relatives were interrupted.

The reason was his passion for video games, a talented and previously successful student began to regularly “fail” his studies and was not allowed to take final exams. Out of shame, he decided that it was better for his parents to consider him missing than to be ashamed of his ignorant son and disappeared. According to him, he has been working at a rough job all these years, earning a living in another city.

It is noteworthy that all these years Wang’s father would go to the same city to search for his son twice a year. He spent about a week every time to go around all the places where Wang had been, but he never found any traces of him.

They found the “fugitive” by accident, but quite expected. He needed to update his identity card and the database gave out information about a man who had been wanted for many years. After the parents were notified that their son was alive, he only had to gather courage and look into the eyes of his loved ones.

The situation looks a bit absurd, but as you know, China has a high standard of education, and the learning process is characterized by an increased level of academic stress. For students, in those years when Wang was studying, a very high bar was set, which led to a protest trend among young people. By the way, some types of exams have been banned in China for several years and there is a policy of easing pressure on students.

Fortunately, for the family of the former student, the worries are over. Wang’s mother is happy that she was finally able to see her son, albeit uneducated, but alive.

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