Ill Celine Dion Was Treated Disrespectfully by This Star, While Giving Award to Her, Fans Say: Video

Taylor Swift was criticized for being “disrespectful” to Céline Dion while on the Grammy stage. Dion’s unexpected appearance at the award event comes after making the public aware of her neurological condition.

This year’s Grammys were a cause for celebration for iconic musician Taylor Swift, who took home the coveted Album Of The Year award for “Midnights.” However, Swift came under fire for her lack of interaction with legendary singing powerhouse Céline Dion.

Footage from the prestigious evening showed Swift, dressed in a chic white gown, walking onto the stage with musician Lana Del Rey as she went to accept her award. The excited “Bad Blood” singer gave hugs to almost everyone who was present on the stage, barring a few individuals.

Céline Dion and Taylor Swift at the 66th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California from video posted on February 5, 2024 | Source: YouTube/Recording Academy/ GRAMMYs

However, as she turned toward Dion, who was holding the award for her, Swift barely paid attention to her as she took the Grammy from Dion’s hands. People who saw the exchange were less than pleased with Swift’s actions.

One person questioned, “Why did she ignore Céline like that? 😬😬😬😬” Another asserted, “Excuse me!!!!! This is Céline Dion handing you the Grammy!!! Even if it was anyone else, acknowledge her, out of courtesy at least […] again, this is Céline Dion, and after this very hard time coming back to the stage to do this!!!!! I am SHOCKED!!!”

Similarly, another social media user commented, “She did not even acknowledge the legend, Céline Dion! Wow!!” Another person who also felt strongly about the situation stated, “You can say whatever, but she is so rude […] to not acknowledge her, look into her eyes, hug, or say thank you is beyond disrespectful.”

Taylor Swift at the 66th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California on February 4, 2024 | Source: Getty Images

Interestingly, Dion’s appearance at this year’s Grammy Awards, which comes amid her battle with Stiff Person Syndrome, appeared to excite Swift before the stage drama. Prior to being presented with the award, Swift was one of many celebrities cheering for Dion from her seat when the 55-year-old went on stage. Swift was also seen singing along to Dion’s timeless classic “I’m Your Angel,” which played as Dion took the mic to present.

Céline Dion, Taylor Swift and René-Charles Angélil at the 66th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California on February 4, 2024 | Source: Getty Images

Despite how it may have appeared on camera, Taylor Swift, Céline Dion, and her son, René-Charles Angélil, took pictures together backstage, signifying that there is no bad blood between the two musicians.

As previously reported on December 19, 2023:

A year has passed since Celine Dion was diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome, a condition that has cast a shadow over her illustrious career. In a recent touching update, her sister, Claudette, shared the sobering reality of Dion’s disease, revealing that the singer has lost control of specific body movements. This news has sent shockwaves through her fan base, painting a picture of vulnerability for the usually invincible star.

On social media, where Dion’s health update was shared, fans poured out their hearts. One fan’s comment echoed the collective sentiment, “We cannot lose her.” The diagnosis, described as “heartbreaking” by another, has stirred a wave of prayers and support. The disbelief is palpable, with fans expressing anguish over her youth and questioning the cruel twist of fate, “Why her?”

Céline Dion in the middle of writing a song posted on November 3, 2023 | Source: Instagram/celinedion

Céline Dion recording a song posted on November 3, 2023 | Source: Instagram/celinedion

There’s a poignant sense of role reversal in her sister’s heartfelt words. Used to leaving the singing to her sister, she now finds herself as the lone Dion performing, a reality that feels odd in the shadow of her sister’s forced to rest. She speaks of the numerous calls they receive at Dion’s foundation – people offering prayers or seeking updates, a testament to the widespread concern for Dion.

The struggle is not lost on Dion’s sister, who acknowledges Celine’s unwavering determination and work ethic, even in the face of such adversity. However, there’s an underlying fear – the uncertain future of Dion’s career, especially considering that her vocal cords and heart, both muscles, might be compromised by the disease.

On a hopeful note, Dion’s sister mentioned prayers for a miracle to heal Celine and return her to the stage where she truly belongs. As of August, no news has confirmed this much-desired outcome, leaving fans and family clinging to hope.

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