“I want my natural appearance back!”: Famous Madame Michelle and what she looks like now

Her followers continue to criticize her for her decisions

During the 1990s, a prominent artist by the name of I. Goncharuk captivated audiences under the stage name Madame Michelle. Regrettably, her distinct appearance was permanently changed following a brutal assault by unidentified perpetrators.

For an extended period, there was a notable lack of information regarding the singer’s whereabouts. However, Madame Michelle chose not to seclude herself and currently maintains active personal profiles on various online platforms.

Madame Michelle has often faced animosity from critics who occasionally engage in speculation about her past, including suggestions that she may be transgender. Additionally, some individuals accuse the performer of undergoing excessive plastic surgery.

Despite the opinions of others, Michelle has developed a resilience towards disregarding them. In a recent television appearance, she openly stated her intention to restore her previous level of attractiveness through additional plastic surgery.

Her followers have begun criticizing her for what they consider excessive eyebrow tattooing and lip augmentation, expressing their disapproval.

Interestingly, Michelle also shares images of herself from her younger years, emphasizing that she had already undergone lip augmentation during that period.

Despite her altered appearance, Michelle has successfully found love and started a family. She is married and happily raising two children. Her husband openly expresses his love for her, emphasizing that it transcends her physical appearance.

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