I Asked Photographer to Show Me My Wedding Pics on Her Camera & Saw Her & My Husband Kissing

At her wedding reception, Jess marvels over how perfect everything turned out. When she has a quiet moment away from her guests, she asks to view some wedding photos. But what she sees sends her spiraling.

After three years of being together and a year to plan our dream wedding — Adam and I got married.

It was a dream wedding with our favorite food, music, and people. Everything was perfect until I asked our photographer to show me some of our wedding photos on her camera.

Adam and I married at sunset, my favorite time of the day. The entire ceremony was perfectly planned for our vows to be recited while the sun streamed from all angles.

Of course, then it was time to party. Adam wanted our reception to be one big bash — ensuring our guests had a blast.

Bride and Groom silhouettes during sunset | Source: Pixabay

We also wanted every moment to be documented, so we hired Jack and Annie to capture our wedding bliss through the lenses.

We also had a photo booth, but we wanted candid photos.

“We’re only getting married once,” Adam said when I questioned whether we were being too lavish with our money.

“Let’s make memories, Jess,” he said, kissing my hand.

During our reception, I noticed Annie sitting alone while Adam was toasting away with his groomsmen.

“I’m taking a break,” she chuckled, sipping a cocktail. “Jack has it covered.”

“Well, while I have you,” I said, sitting beside her. “Can you show me some of the photos? I want to see what my dress looks like from the back.”

“Sure,” Annie said. She hesitated, sipping her cocktail slowly while turning a little red.

I turned around to look at the crowd while Annie drank.

“But you look beautiful,” she said, picking up her camera.

“My Mom made a joke about the dress making my butt look a little big,” I chuckled, feeling the warmth from the champagne radiate through me.

Annie held the camera and, resting it on her wrist, began swiping through.

Woman sipping on a cocktail | Source: Pexels

I couldn’t help but smile at the photographs — I loved seeing the guests enjoy themselves.

But staring at the vibrant photographs, my eye caught on a selfie.

A selfie that captured a painful truth — a stolen kiss between Annie and Adam.

Annie choked on the drink she was sipping, her face turning purple.

I couldn’t breathe. Adam and I had only been married for about three hours, and already, he was betraying me with the photographer we hired.

“Don’t you dare move,” I hissed at Annie. “Don’t you dare say a word!”

Annie nodded quickly, her eyes wide at my sudden change of demeanor.

But what did she really expect? I was at my own wedding, and I had just found out that my husband had cheated.

I picked up Annie’s camera and took it to the DJ, who screened a series of photographs of Adam and I through the years while he blasted out the latest hits.

“Are you sure?” he asked when I told him what I needed him to do.

“Absolutely,” I said.

When it was time for speeches, my father talked about love and how glad he was that I had chosen Adam as my partner. But I could barely listen to a word — instead, I sat there, recalling the subtle tension between Annie and Adam when we first met with her and Jack, her business partner.

I had trusted Adam so implicitly that the thought of infidelity was a foreign invader in our relationship.

After my father toasted Adam and me, wishing us a happily married life, it was my turn to give Adam my wedding gift.

Ever since I met Adam, he has spoken about an unexplained love for Iceland.

“There’s just something about the elephant rock and the lava caves, Jess. It feels magical. Maybe I lived there in another life,” he had said on our second date.

When we were planning the wedding — Adam decided that the wedding would be on him and our families, and I would surprise him with our honeymoon.

I wanted to surprise him with a honeymoon to Iceland. I wanted him to experience the love he had for Iceland with me.

Green Iceland landscape | Source: Pexels

I took the mic and spoke of Adam’s dream visit to Iceland. I watched him hang onto my every word, his eyes shining.

I nodded to Duncan, our DJ.

The screen flashed with the photograph of Annie and Adam.

I watched Adam try to mask his shock, and Annie tried to hide her face. Once filled with shouts of celebration and tipsy guests, the room echoed with gasps and hushed whispers.

Adam pulled me outside, away from the guests who wanted to know more.

“I’ve known Annie since we were teenagers, Jess,” he said frantically. “All the wedding planning just rekindled the past love we had. But it was fleeting. It was just a mistake, Jess.”

He pleaded for forgiveness, his tears streaming down his face. But I didn’t want to give him that — I didn’t want to forgive him.

Maybe under different circumstances, I would have felt differently. But just after we got married? No way.

The next day, I annulled our marriage, leaving behind the shards of shattered vows.

Adam can sort things out with Annie.

I still had my bags packed, ready for my honeymoon. So, I had my sister pack her things and come with me.

I’m sitting in a hotel room, drinking hot chocolate and marveling that my married life would have begun on a life.

Close-up of man crying | Source: Pexels

Has anything as heartbreaking happened to you?

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