“Huge Respect!”: Detroit Firefighter saved three drowning girls at a beach

His heroic duty will never be forgotten!

Sometimes, real heroes wear uniforms and badges and stethoscopes instead of capes. And we should always show our appreciation, respect, love and concern towards them for keeping us safe!

48-year-old Sergeant Sivad Johnson was a 26 year veteran of Detroit Fire Department. He was off duty that day, taking a walk with his 10-year-old daughter near Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle. Suddenly, they heard 3 young girls crying for help from the water.

Johnson jumped into the water to save the girls, and asked a civilian and a nearby boat to assist him. The civilian rescued one of the girls, and the boat picked up the other two. Later, the civilian stated, that the current was too heavy and the sergeant went out into the water.

The rescue operation of the girls took around 45 minutes. Then Johnson’s daughter noticed that her father was missing and called 911. However, it was already getting dark and the rescue group had to stop the search and continue the next morning.

It is believed, that if no one managed to notice Johnson, it is possible that he was pulled underwater by the rip current. Although Johnson was off duty, he still didn’t hesitate to jump in and save the little girls.

Johnson’s heroic duty will never be forgotten! 26 years ago he joined the ranks following in his father’s footsteps. 4 years ago he saved the life of an unconscious man during a fire and was recognized with a memorial. A year later he was awarded the department’s medal for valor.

Our respect to Sergeant Johnson for being a hero. He always did his best during his service!

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