How the Siamese twins from India live after separation

They were separated physically, but will always be connected with soul

Siamese twins are no longer a surprise. Different parents deal with this in different ways. Some never give up and keep fighting, and some just refuse such problematic children. Shetal and Sahar Zala were informed about the children’s illness still in the fifth month of pregnancy. The parents were really shocked, but decided to fight for this. They began saving up money to conduct separation operation in the future.

The future of the whole family and the babies depended on the position in which the twins were fused.

The twins were born in 2016. They turned out to be fused in the abdominal area. A year later, the family could finally afford the operation. Now the boys could have a happy childhood and a bright future. The money was enough for a cheap clinic, but the medical team was experienced enough for such a serious surgery.

The operation was a success! It became a big event in the cheap hospital. The brothers were named Prince and Love. One year after their birth, the boys learned to live anew. The boys have a normal and cheerful childhood. They are fond of football and want to become famous football players in the future.

There is still a strong bond between the boys. They can’t imagine their lives away from each other.

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