How the “octomom” Nadya Suleman looks and lives 12 years after the birth of the octuplets

What she has overcome over the years and how she became happy.

Nadya Suleman became famous in 2009 when she gave birth to octuplets. The news of such a multiple pregnancy spread around the world and made a lot of noise among doctors. A week after giving birth, Nadia and her babies set a world record: all newborns survived, which is rare when babies are born prematurely.

For a long time, the name Suleman was making the headlines. Some scolded Nadya, a single mother, for the rash act of giving birth to eight when she already had six heirs. Others admired her courage and determination.

But more than 12 years have passed, and everything is great in the Suleman family. How did she come to be the mother of so many children without her husband, and how does she live and look now?

Single Mother

At the age of 20, Nadya Suleman got married, but four years later the couple divorced. They had no children. Since her youth, the American woman knew that she had fertility problems, and immediately after the wedding she began to be treated for infertility.

But when all therapeutic methods failed, she turned to the reproductologist Michael Kamrava. He was expelled from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine many years later, because of the scandal with Nadya.

The woman made her first attempts at IVF while still married. The procedure then, however, did not end with childbirth. But Suleman did not lose hope. She gave birth to her first child in 2001 — a son, after a while a daughter was born. Nadya did not stop there: one by one she gave birth to four more children, including twins. And by the age of 30, she already had four boys and two girls growing up— Elijah, Amerah, Joshua, Aidan, Calyssa and Caleb.

Nadya herself (her name was Natalie at birth) was the only child in the family. By the time she became a mother, the girl had managed to get education in the field of pedagogy and worked for three years in a psychiatric clinic.

After the divorce, Suleman, according to her, took a vow of celibacy, not having intimacy with men for many years. She gave birth only from anonymous donors.

Octuplets – Record Holders

When she decided to get pregnant again, she turned to her doctor. And he, violating all the rules of medical ethics, planted 12 embryos to the patient. Although at her age, women are allowed to have 2 at most. As a result, 8 of them developed, and Nadya decided to have all of them. The doctor supported her, for which, after that, he paid with his career.

The pregnancy, of course, was difficult. The woman’s belly was of terrifying size. And in early 2009, two girls and six boys were born — Noah, Jonah, Josiah, Makai, Nariyah, Maliyah, Jeremiah and Isaiah.

After the appearance of children, society split into two camps: the smaller part supported Nadya, and the majority accused her of recklessness. People even took to the streets with pickets, protesting that they – taxpayers – should support dependents.

In fact, Nadya Suleman’s situation was unenviable: without a husband, without a job, without income. The only thing she received was a small pension for a back injury received earlier.

The mother with many children at the same time could not find a place for herself: she was worried that not all babies would survive and that she could be deprived of parental rights because of the hype in society. But neither one nor the other was justified.

After being discharged from the hospital, while the children were still being “nurtured”, Suleman bought a new house, quickly arranged it and began to bring home the newborns one by one (all were discharged at different times depending on their health condition). As a result, in April 2009, three months after birth, all the babies were at home with their mother and grandmother.

Financial Problems

In an interview with People magazine, Suleman talked about her difficult everyday life: “I hardly sleep, but I’m already used to it. If one kid wakes up, then everyone wakes up. Sometimes at nights I only sleep for an hour. Once I didn’t sleep for almost three days. It’s very hard, but I have no other way out. I have to be the best mother.”

But soon the octomom still faced problems: there was definitely not enough money. Information began to appear in the press that she was acting in adult films for the sake of earning money, but Suleman publicly denied these gossips. However, in open sources you can find information that she even received awards for shooting in a candid movie. In addition, Suleman starred in provocative videos of scandalous musicians and danced in strip clubs.

Death threats

Seeing that the increased attention of the public is focused on her, octomom decided to make money on her position. But it didn’t work out. She hired an agency that was supposed to deal with her public relations, but soon it terminated her contract with her, as employees began to be threatened with violence. By the way, Suleman herself has received threats more than once.

Nadya later began going on various talk shows, giving interviews for money and acting in low-budget films.

When the children were still young, the family was invited to a reality show. Each of the kids was to receive $ 250 per day. But the mother submitted an application to the Child Protective Services in order to protect the rights of children. The project failed, and the long-awaited money remained only a dream.

Twice Suleman became the heroine of the Oprah Winfrey show. In the first one, she told how she got into shape after giving birth, denying that she had done a plastic surgery In the second time, she asked for help from a charitable foundation, calling her situation disastrous. And she was supported both financially and in the treatment of psychological problems that had been accumulating for a long time.

In The Dock

In 2012, Nadya Suleman declared bankruptcy, stating in court that she had 55 thousand dollars in her account, but debts exceeded one million dollars. Then the threat of losing her children hung over her again. But the child services, having checked the conditions in which the family lived, came to the conclusion that nothing threatened the children.

In 2014, Suleman was tried for hiding income for participating in various shows, as well as from the government and non-payment of taxes. In court, the single mother said that she would settle financial claims against herself.


And yet a few years ago Nadya Suleman admitted that she did any job for the sake of her children: “I did shameful things to feed my children. Many thought that a golden shower of benefits and gifts poured down on us. But I paid for everything out of my own pocket,” she confided in an interview with the Daily Mail.

She added that dancing and candid filming caused her a huge sense of shame and self-loathing. As a result, she had to be treated with antidepressants.

The mother stopped denying that she had plastic surgery. “I went through it, because my body lost its shape after pregnancies and feeding so many children. And I also did a tummy tuck, removing excess skin. I decided on this operation after a magazine promised me 100 thousand dollars for a photo shoot in a swimsuit,” she said.

Suleman denies that she did facial plastic surgery, but does not hide that she had lip augmentation. She did not like the result, and after the pay from the next edition, she increased their size again.

“It was all terrible. I hated myself. I hope my girls will never walk my path,” says octomom.

Health Problems

Two of Nadya’s children suffer from autism, and another son is severely disabled, constantly requiring supervision. Suleman has a hard time: her mother, the only assistant, recently died of cancer, and it is also not necessary to wait for support from her alcoholic father.

But the American is not discouraged and works a lot. “Everyone thinks I’m a social parasite. But I don’t get any help from the state except for food stamps. But it takes a lot more food than I get on coupons. I also work a lot with alcoholics and drug addicts. And it’s not easy,” she says.

Family Life

Nadya made every effort to end her past life and the fame that followed her because of her shameful work.

The mother lives in her townhouse in California with her children. All but one of the children are vegans, and she is predominantly a raw food eater and an ethical vegan, the Daily Mail reports.

“For example, my daughter Calyssa has already got used to the new diet and feels as healthy as I do. My eldest, Eli, used to eat hamburgers almost daily, and now he has become a vegan on his own will,” she said.

Suleman often goes to church with her children. The woman tells about her everyday life in detail in her personal blog.

Children study well, help their mother in everything. She also taught them to di sport, which she herself has been doing for a long time.

In recent years, Suleman has been trying to get rid of the bad reputation of the “octomom” that has haunted her for many years. She tries not to attract too much attention to herself and lead the life of an ordinary mother.

In one of the interviews, the woman still told how it happened that she gave birth to octuplets. Nadya is an against abortion. She was ready to be able to put all the children on their feet. That is, the last time she expected to give birth to just one baby. But when she went to the doctor, she signed the documents without looking. And, according to her, she became a victim of an experiment.

“Do you think my life was like a piece of cake? No. It was like… I don’t know what. And despite the fact that I was stupid, I don’t regret anything. The joy of motherhood covers all the disadvantages,” she sums up.

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