How the “giraffe-woman” looks like now, who had been stretching her neck with rings for 5 years

The concept of beauty differs among people. For Sidney Smith from America female beauty has always been expressed in a “swan” neck. All her life she dreamt about having her neck stretched naturally, but the miracle didn’t come true.

Then Sidney decided to forge happiness with her own hands. One day she came across a topic about a tribe, where women wear rings on their necks since childhood in order to stretch them. However, such a “beauty” costs too much: neck muscles get weaker and can no longer hold the head.

But Sidney’s wish of having a long neck was so strong, that she decided on the experiment. For 5 years Sidney had been wearing the rings, and wanted to see the results of her efforts.

The neck, for real, got noticeably longer. It had caused no serious problems, but there were hematomas left on the collarbones. It took a long time to get rid of them. Sidney even had to turn to manual massage therapists.

However, according to doctors, the neck will over time go back to the way it was before, as Sidney started stretching it when she was already an adult. Meanwhile in the tribes women start stretching their necks since childhood.

But Sidney doesn’t pay attention to whatever the specialists are saying, as she has achieved her dream result.

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