How Pierce Brosnan touchingly congratulated his wife on her 59th birthday.

Pierce Brosnan, who is one of the most famous James_Bond_actors , could easily become a Hollywood_heartthrob. Many women are crazy about him, but the 69-year-old actor’s heart belongs to one and only one – his wife Keely_Shaye_Smith. Recently, Brosnan’s beloved woman turned 59, and her husband touchingly congratulated her on the Internet by posting_a_cute_photo_together . In the photo, Pierce Brosnan and his wife look incredibly happy. We’ll tell you further what kind words the actor wrote under the photo and how the couple’s story began.

“Happy Birthday, my dear”

There is an opinion that the longer a couple is together, the less warmth and romance there is . Feelings seem to fade away, and you no longer want to constantly talk about them, much less show them. But this is clearly not the case with Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keeley. Just look how sweetly the actor congratulated his wife on her 59th birthday online.

Brosnan published a group photo with Keely . She hugged him from behind and laid her head on his shoulder. Kili’s eyes are closed, a smile on his face. The woman looks so peaceful and happy – behind Pierce she is like behind a stone wall. The actor himself smiles widely, holds his wife’s hand and looks straight into the lens. The pink flower in Keely’s hair added romance to the photo. They seem to be twenty years old again, relaxing somewhere on an island. This is the impression you get after looking at the photo, and it’s wonderful.

In a congratulatory post, Pierce_Brosnan emphasized how_much_he_loves_his_wife . “Happy Birthday, my dear. I love you so much. So many years of love, life,_work_and_play. Let’s go forward! ” — the actor wrote in his publication. Many fans of the couple, as well as celebrities, joined in congratulating Keely. For example, Cindy Crawford.

Pierce Brosnan and his wife have been together for more than 20 years

Brosnan is not the kind of man who will change his chosen ones like gloves. The actor was married twice . And his first marriage to Cassandra Harris was also happy. Only his end was tragic. Unfortunately, Cassandra passed away. She was diagnosed with cancer. It wasn’t easy for Pierce to go through this. By the way, the actor_adopted_Cassandra’s_children_from a previous marriage. They also had a son together.

The actor met Keely Shaye Smith three years after he was widowed. At that point, Pierce had already let go of the past and was ready to move on with his life, perhaps even get married again. True, Keely and Pierce were in no hurry to get married . They immediately had children: sons Dylan and Parris. And only after the birth of their second son, the couple decided to legalize the relationship. Since then, Piers and Keely have been inseparable. They are not shy about showing their feelings in public and always look so in love.

Together they not only engage in family affairs, but also lead charitable projects . The spouses’ activities_are-aimed_at_protecting_the_environment.

Piers_and_Keeley_celebrated their_21st_wedding anniversary this summer. Incredible couple, aren’t they?

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