“Hiker’s Survival Story”: Woman Survives Mountain Fall in Adirondack Hike By Clinging to Tree

The woman expressed gratitude and said she just wanted to hug everybody

A woman named Hope Lloyd, 46, got into trouble while hiking in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. She was climbing South Dix Mountain on December 26 when she slipped and fell a long way on snow and a slippery rock surface. Luckily, she grabbed onto a spruce tree, stopping her from falling off a cliff. She called for help around 5:30 p.m.

Lloyd, an experienced hiker, was alone on the 4,060-foot mountain. She survived the night in tough conditions, waiting for forest rangers to rescue her. She thought she might freeze to death because it was very windy, wet, and below 30 degrees.

Ranger Jamison Martin, who led the rescue, described the conditions as harsh. He said Lloyd was in danger of hypothermia. Lloyd had climbed all 46 peaks of the Adirondack Mountains twice before, and this was her third time.

Martin mentioned that Lloyd had an emergency blanket, which helped protect her from the cold. Authorities advised her to move her body to stay warm. About eight hours after her call for help, rangers reached her with supplies to warm her up as they headed back to her vehicle.

Lloyd, who only had some scrapes and bruises, expressed gratitude and said she just wanted to hug everybody.

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