Here’s what the 14-year-old daughter of the oldest mother in the world looks like. She gave birth at 66!

A pensioner from Romania named Adriana Iliescu shocked the world in 2005 by becoming a mother at the age of 66. She is officially the oldest mother in the world.

Most of her life Adriana has lived in peace. She was engaged in science, and didn’t have time for her personal life. But as every other woman, Iliescu also desired to know the joy of motherhood. And the idea of being single the rest of her days scared her very much. Her two-roomed flat in the capital of Romania seemed empty.

Already retired, the woman decided to take a desperate step – the IVF procedure. Iliescu’s family and friends were surprised by this news. Many of them thought Adriana had lost her mind, which was normal at her age. Despite the condemnation, the woman firmly decided to become a mother.

As often happens after the IVF procedure, Iliescu got pregnant with twins. However, one of the babies, unfortunately, didn’t survive the childbirth. Doctors managed to save the daughter Eliza.

After the childbirth, Iliescu had to face some other problems. She wanted to baptize her daughter. During the ceremony, Adriana noticed how the nuns pointed at her baby and called Eliza a creature of evil spirits. Adriana herself thinks the opposite: God was the one to give her a child.

Now Eliza is 14 years old. She has grown into a beautiful lady and is no different from her peers. Like other teenagers, she likes social networks and computer games.

Adriana has recently celebrated her 80th birthday. She says, thanks to her daughter, she feels much younger. Now the world’s oldest mother wants to live up to her daughter’s graduation.

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