Her mom died in an accident, and the baby herself was saved by miracle

It’s still unknown where the female scream came from.

This incredible incident took place in the USA. That evening Jennifer Lynn Groesbeck, a young single mother, was driving to her parents together with her little daughter. At some point, the woman lost control and her car fell off the bridge straight into the river.

A local fisherman located the broken car the next morning. When the rescue team and the police arrived at the scene, they heard a female cry of help very clearly which, as they say, came from the car. They rushed to the car, but only found 18-month-old Lily alive. Jennifer Lynn had long been dead. It’s still a mystery for the rescuers whose scream it was.

The baby was taken to hospital, although practically she wasn’t injured. The child seat saved her.

This also can be considered an incredible luck, because if the child seat had been in the front seat, hardly could the child have survived. Even more striking is the mysterious cry for help. The policemen swear they heard it when they were approaching the crash scene. There were 3 more people besides them, that confirm the cry came from the car. One of the policemen admitted: “I’ve never been a believer, but this case made me think about it”.

Now Lily is living with her grandparents and tries to help them overcome the loss of their daughter.

This story proves there are real miracles in the world. Tell your friends about this, if you also were shocked!

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