Her husband left her when she was in the 8th month of pregnancy and with 3 children. But the mother never gave up.

My mom is cool! Why? Because when she was in the 8th week of pregnancy my father told her that (1) he had an affair with a girl 8 years younger, and (2) he wanted a divorce. Together they had 4 children (myself included). My mom didn’t work and never finished college because of the children. She really had no opportunity to feed us and herself.

My dad literally left us and moved out, before I was even born. Then he kept marrying and getting divorce 3 times…I am sure my mom cried and pitied herself a lot, but then she said: “This sucks!” and started to LIVE.

Mom applied for Food Stamp Programs so that she could feed us. We received food for 6 months, until she found a job. For the next 20 years she did two jobs to be able to raise and feed us. Every evening she would come home late and exhausted, but still she could help us with our projects and homework and so on. She was an amazing person and our role-model, despite the hell that she ended up in.

My mom didn’t date anyone while we were still kids, because it’s very hard to find a boyfriend who will be ready to marry a single mom with 4 children. Now she is married again and is happily in love! There were many ups and downs, but now me and my three brothers are successful, independent and happy, and it’s 100% thanks to our mother!

Cherish and love your mothers!

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