Her family died in a fire, now the girl only asks to send her a Christmas postcard

Two years ago Sefira Terry lost her family. Her family got in fire and in that fire the girl’s father, sister and 2 brothers died. Sefira herself got seriously injured.

She was found next to her father’s body. 75% of the girl’s body was burnt. Besides, the girl lost her right arm and left leg. As a result, Sefira had to undergo over 45 surgeries and who knows how many more procedures await the girl.

In the past, Sefira used to spend Christmas with her family. Now, unfortunately, it’s impossible… This year the child turned to Internet users and asked them to send her Christmas postcards. The girl wants to fill her Christmas tree with the postcards.

A special group was created on Facebook for those who wanted to help Sefira.

People from all over the world write her wishes, congratulations and send her postcards. And this is incredibly touching.

Thank you, people! This girl’s Christmas tree is getting more and more decorations by leap and bounds!

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