He was devastated but determined to save his son after the earthquake. This is a miracle!

In 1989, an 8,2 magnitude earthquake occurred, that almost completely destroyed Armenia, killing over 30,000 people in just 4 minutes. In complete devastation and chaos, a father left his wife at home, and headed for the school, where their son was supposed to be. Just to find the building completely ruined.

After the first shock, he remembered his promise to his son: “No matter what, I am always with you!” And tears filled his eyes. Looking at the mess that was once a school, he was hopeless. But he kept reminding himself about his promise.

The man began to concentrate and remember where he took his son every morning in the school. He remembered that their classroom used to be in the right corner of the building. He rushed there and started digging the wreckage. As he was digging, other unhappy parents came, their hearts filled with sadness, saying: “My son!”, “My daughter!”

Other parents tried to get him out of whatever was left from the school:

“It’s too late!”

“They’re dead!”

“You can’t help!”

“Go home!”

“Come on, face the reality, you can’t do anything!”

“You will just make it worse!”

He replied everyone with one sentence: “Are you going to help me now, or not?” Then he started digging for his son, stone by stone. The head of the fire brigade appeared and tried to get him out of the ruins, saying: “Fires break out, explosions are happening everywhere. You are in danger. We will take care of this. Go home!”

As an answer, this loving and caring Armenian father asked: “Are you going to help me now?”

The police came and said: “You are filled with anger and sadness and all, of course. You’re putting others in danger. Go home. We can handle this.” And the man answered: “Are you going to help me?”. No one helped.

He dug alone courageously. Because there was only one thing he wanted to find out himself: “Is my boy alive or dead?”

He was digging 8 hours…12 hours…24 hours…36 hours…then, 38 hours later, he moved a rock and heard the voice of his son. He cried his name: “Arman!”. And he got an answer: “Dad!? It’s me, dad! I told the other kids not to panic! I told them, if you happened to be alive, you would help us. And when you saved me, they would be saved. You promised, that no matter what, you will always be with me! – You did it, dad!…”

“What’s happening here? How?”, asked the father.

“From 33, only 14 are left alive, dad. We are scared, hungry, thirsty, and grateful that you’re here. When the building collapsed, it created a wedge, like a triangle, and saved us.”

“Come out, my boy!”

“No, dad! Get the other kids first. I know you will wait to save me. No matter what, I know, you are always with me!”

A man can be a father, but in order to be a father, you need someone special.

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