He threatened the homeless man that he wouldn’t give him food, unless he answered his question…

When I was still in college, there was a homeless man named Fred. I could always find him, as he was not far from the college. Everything started when one day I took him food from McDonald’s. Then I started to ask, what he wanted to eat, and he always answered: “Man, that’s your money. I’m not going to tell you what to spend them on.” A year or more passed, I took him food two or three times a week. One day I told Fred that if he didn’t tell me what he really wanted to eat, I would stop buying him food! Obviously, it was a bluff, and I’m sure he knew that.

It turned out, he was from New Your and missed New York Delis. I’m sure, it was true, because only there the most delicious Pastrami burgers were made.

I decided to find out about Fred’s favorite grocery store in New York. And he answered: “Katz’s”. It was very interesting, because Katz’s was my favorite grocery store too. Anyone who has been there, knows that their burgers are huge and very delicious.

The next time I came across “Katz’s” on my way back to college, I bought 4 large rye Pastrami, put them in the fridge, and waited till it got dark. I warmed up one of the burgers in the microwave and took it to Fred. I told him there were three more waiting for him in the fridge.

Fred looked at me with tears in his eyes, in which were pure happiness, surprise, disbelief and shock. After 12 years I still remember his eyes and I’m still getting goosebumps. I’m not sure, whether he looked at me like that because of the delicious burgers, or because I was able to bring him back a little bit of his past life…

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