He is 102, she is 100, together for 65 years: the story of the oldest couple in Hollywood

Fans are always watching the love affairs of the celebrities with awe and interest.

There are so many problems in life related to relationships between men and women that the relationships of our idols often become an example. An example of how it is necessary and is not worth it.

Famous artists seem to converge and diverge from day to day, changing wives and husbands, each believing in love for life. But there are also those who really show by personal example how you can live together and celebrate not only a gold, but a diamond wedding.

We are talking now about that couple in Hollywood who have been together for more than 65 years. It’s about Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens. This is not the first marriage of the famous actor, but is the long-lasting one. How can you not believe in fate? It’s so nice, you must agree, to watch pairs of happy grandparents walking together holding hands in the park, hugging and endlessly smiling. These are people from whom I want to take an example. You dream to just be like them!

It is only thanks to such couples that you begin to believe in true love. Like any couple, there were quarrels and problems between them, but they managed to solve them, which means that everyone can. Most likely, this is earthly wisdom, which is rewarded by experience. There is a tremendous work going on here on yourself and relationships in general.

Real feelings know no boundaries. This is the case when “for better or for worse.” And they also “died on the same day.” It seems to me that a couple with such a long life together no longer represents their meaning of existence in another way.

More than half a century together – this is a real heroic feat! Surely, they have some secrets, thanks to which their union exists. I wish we all knew these secrets.

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