Having learned about her husband’s affair with her best friend, the wife decided to teach them a lesson

Sweet revenge…

When Karen found out about her husband’s infidelity, the woman was broken and depressed. But when she realized that her husband’s mistress was her best friend, the 57-year-old woman wanted to make a real scandal.

However, she pulled herself together and decided to teach the traitors a lesson. Karen decided that they would remember this for the rest of their lives.

Karen was married for 19 years, it seemed to her that they had a strong and happy family, children. She had no idea that she would face such a thing. At home, Karen found her wedding dress in which she got married. The woman decided that she could now send this dress to her friend as a gift.

She packed the dress and sent it to her friend. The woman left a note: “Hey, Carol. I know you love secondhand goods. So thought you’d like the dress I wore when I married your boyfriend! Love, Karen.” After that, the 57-year-old woman stopped all her relationships with her friend and ex-husband. She believes that she can become happy and find a new love.

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