“Happiness knocked on his door”: Spouses adopted an orphaned child from Africa

Their life would be sad without the boy

These spouses have always wanted to have children of their own but faced the heartbreaking reality that the woman couldn’t conceive. Despite their efforts to overcome this obstacle, their hopes remained unfulfilled. Resolute in their desire to become parents, they made a life-altering decision – to adopt a child.

Eager to find a newborn to shower with love, their search led them to Africa, where they discovered the plight of orphaned children in Congo. Determined to provide a better life for one of these precious souls, the couple embarked on a journey to adopt a little boy named Matias.

However, their path was far from easy. They encountered numerous challenges in navigating the unfamiliar customs and regulations of Congo. The adoption process proved to be lengthy, spanning over two years of paperwork and perseverance. Additionally, they had to bear the weight of a substantial adoption fee, amounting to $35,000.

Finally, after enduring countless hurdles, the couple embraced Matias as their own. Yet, new obstacles arose as they faced a language barrier in communicating with their son. Furthermore, their family and friends struggled to understand and accept their decision to adopt a child from a distant land.

To shield Matias from societal pressures and ensure his well-being, the adoptive parents made a courageous choice—they relocated to the United States. Matias was only three years old at the time, and their family began a new chapter in a foreign land.

Now, after 15 years of building a life together, the parents reflect on the profound happiness their son has brought them. Matias, now 18 years old, flourishes academically as he pursues his studies at university.

Though Matias is aware of his unique story, his parents have always cherished him as their own, believing that their lives would be incomplete without him. In a testament to his roots and a desire to connect with his birthplace, Matias decided to embark on a journey back to Congo.

This loving family, united by the bonds of adoption, continues to treasure the incredible gift they found in each other. Their story stands as a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the profound impact of embracing a child in need.

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