“Grew up to be happy and beautiful”: story about a girl from Somalia who was adopted by an American man 20 years ago

Luckily, there are many kind and gracious people in the world. One of them is John Carry – a photographer from America. 20 years ago he decided on a very responsible step – adopting a girl from Africa. He saved her from poverty, hunger and banditry.

John was on a business trip in Somalia. There he met the orphan girl. The kid lived without parents a few months. If children in full families were malnourished, then no one actually cared about orphans.

Carry gave thought to adopting and finally made a decision. Collecting all the necessary documentation he came for the girl and she found a descent future.

Thanks to her adoptive father, she grew up a self-sufficient and well-educated girl. It is known, that now she is going to get married and everything is great in her life.

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