Grandmother in her 90s decided to live alone, kicking out my cousin with his wife

Grandma is 90 years old. She has recently kicked my cousin and his wife out of her flat. Then she went on a “vacation”: hangs up the phone after the words “I’ll come by”, doesn’t open the door to anyone. My cousin doesn’t say a word about the reason. However, knowing his irresponsibility and his unpleasant behavior towards other people, my grandmother’s act didn’t surprise me. Learning that there was now a free room in grandma’s 3-room apartment and she was alone, the middle generation urgently gathered a family council, which granny ignored. The topic was extremely important: how can a person live alone at such an old age?

One of my aunts decided to send her daughter to take care of the grandmother. Careless and unemployed thirty-year-old daughter, it should be noted. My other aunt even started looking for a comfortable flat with one room in the suburbs. She brought about her concern for grandma’s budget:

_The young have moved out, how will mom pay her communal?

Uncle said he would take granny to live with him, and the flat would come in handy to his son, that had recently got married. The logic is clear: lived as a hostess until 84, then gave way to a young family.  But all these ideas were packed in a beautiful wrapper and served with a sauce of care:

_I’m worried about mom. This way I will look after her, right? One of his sons has already lived there, now let the second one live with his grandmother. Of course, taking into account past mistakes – without the grandmother herself, right?

My dad, who asked his relatives not to get too emotional, was crushed by the mass. The first aunt totally disagreed. She pushed her daughter through. They made a final decision. The girl began to gather her things, to move from her mother’s house to the grandmother’s, so that the latter wouldn’t stay alone. They told the grandma about this during a phone call, which she hang up as soon as realized the meaning of the call. My cousin gathered, arrived at the place she was going to live, and even planned the design of her room. However, this never happened. Grandma locked herself in, putting a jar of tomatoes as a gift in the entrance. She barricaded herself, shouting out her arguments from behind the doors.

_Says she doesn’t need anyone,-complained the unfortunate roommate and her mother.- Said she couldn’t live alone for 84 years, and now wants to enjoy her life in peace. And what if something terrible happens? What if she falls? Gets sick? We can’t leave her alone!

Well, grandma has no conscience! First she lived with her parents, then with my grandfather’s family, then with their children, then with adult children and young grandchildren, then with an adult grandson and his wife. And now she wants to live alone! In her 3-room flat! And what if she crawls in the direction of the hole by two meters. Give her flat to the young?

Well done Dad! From the very beginning he was against all sorts of settlers in Grandma’s flat. He decided to solve the problem radically. Grandma shouldn’t live alone, right? Right! Auntie is right. And what happened? No one has the keys, as Grandma has changed the locks after my cousin moved out. And what about her age? Today everything is fine, and tomorrow something terrible may happen. Dad, with his mom’s approval, put a surveillance camera in her hallway. Everyone was glad to see their mom safe and sound. And now granny’s favorite hobby was making faces whenever she passed by the camera. The financial problem was also solved somehow. Well, it actually just disappeared. Grandma has always paid the rent herself. And as the tenants have left, now there will be some savings. She refused to take any money. Says she will do everything herself, just leave her alone.

That’s it. Everyone is happy. One small achievement of technical progress reliably protected granny from the hunting of caring loving descendants who have nothing else to hide behind.

Happy end? Almost. She never opens the door to anyone. I visited her yesterday, took the jar of jam she had put up for me at the entrance and went home. Hope she will soon get bored of her loneliness. I love my Grandmother, and don’t need her property.

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