Girl with anorexia was recovered by a chocolate bar

“I just wanted to be slimmer!”

Anna Windley is a 21-year-old British girl. She used to weigh 29kg eating only one sandwich every 5 days. The girl looked like a skeleton with skin. It seemed like she was afraid of eating. Her friends and family started thinking that Anna is unlikely to live long. However, a regular chocolate bar completely changed and saved her life.

Anna has always led a busy life. At school she was a part of numerous groups and clubs and even became a model student. Believe it or not, the girl used to be overweight since childhood. Very often she heard her classmates and other peers criticizing and mocking her for her weight. Tired of all the mockery, Anna decided to work on herself and lose weight.

She took up a strict died which reduced the amount of meat, dairy food, pastries and sweets to zero. In fact, Anna started eating only one sandwich every 4-5 days. As a result of this “diet” Anna eventually ended up in hospital diagnosed with anorexia. Doctors warned her about that at this rate she might suffer a heart attack. However, Anna still couldn’t give up her diet.

“I just wanted to be slimmer!”, explained Anna.

The strict diet brought about man other problems. Anna started hating the smell of the food and couldn’t even look at it. As she was “afraid” of food, one day someone took her to a separate room to give her some pie on a holiday.

One day everything changed by a miracle. And the main hero of this positive change was a chocolate bar. It happened so, that once Anna unexpectedly craved for chocolate. She knew she would keep eating a lot if she took even one candy. After eating some, Anna stepped on the scales and noticed that her weight hadn’t improved. She was relieved to learn this, so she started treating her with more sweets.

The girl later explained: “I would never expect a single chocolate candy to change me so much. I started gaining weight very quickly. However, this chocolate taught me that eating was not as bad as I had imagined myself.

Anna fought one of her most terrifying phobias and overcame it. Eventually she started eating properly.

Currently, Anna weighs 45kg and leads a healthy lifestyle.

It took her 2 years to get back to her proper weight. Today Anna looks gorgeous and has a perfect figure.

Anna has a boyfriend and a job. She often participates in marathons and studies well. The girl refuses to remember her awful former appearance.

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