Girl with a strange appearance became an icon for many

Just smile and be yourself!

Only a small number of people in the whole world suffer from this rare disease. An this unique girl is often considered the “ugliest girl in the world” because of it. But she decided to change her life and whole world with it. She became someone who inspires and encourages everyone to accept and love themselves.

“She will never be able to talk or walk!”

This unique girl is Lizzy. She was born in an ordinary family on March 13, 1989. Her life became a real miracle, because doctors didn’t believe she would actually be able to lead a healthy life. They immediately told her parents that all her life she would need the help of others, as she wouldn’t be able to walk or talk.

But the parents never left the girl alone. They had no other children and decided to save her life and provide her with everything necessary.

Things went downhill when the girl started going to kindergarten.

It was there that Lizzy learned she was not like the others.

Lizzy would always ask her parents what was wrong with her and why the others were always making fun of her. And the parents would tell that the only problem was her thinness. They always motivated the girl to smile and be happy without paying attention to whatever the others were saying.

Lizzy is quite active on social networks.

She has over 800K followers and 10M views on her accounts. Lizzy supports the “anti-bullying law”.

In 2015, a film was released depicting Lizzie’s life. The film was popular especially among those who had faced bullying themselves. In the same year, she published her book “Dare to Be Kind”.

Almost all her dreams have come true, except for one – getting married. However, she still doesn’t lose her hope of meeting the right person.

Currently, Lizzie is making speeches in kindergartens, schools and at conferences about growing up, aggression and bullying. She also gives advice to parents to always make sure everything is fine with their children.

The girl is now considered one of the few people who actually want to change the world for the better. All thanks to her vital messages and strong nature.

What do you think about her?

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