Girl was bullied for her mole, but became a model

Go forward, no matter what!

Nowadays, fashion industry is not limited by beauty standards, and is always open to new, unique ideas and looks.

Mariana Mendes is a proof to this. She is a very beautiful and unique fashion model. But most of the times, people pay attention directly to the big mole on her face. This natural feature, however, doesn’t spoil her beauty and attractiveness.

Mariana takes part in magazine photoshoots, attends various fashion shows to prove the public, that no one in this world is perfect. Each of us is beautiful in their own way.

Mariana’s childhood was probably the worst period in the girl’s life.

Her classmates, peers and even complete strangers would mock the little girl for her birthmark. They gave her offensive nicknamed and didn’t accept her into their friend groups.

However, such mockeries never angered the girl. For her parents, Mariana was a real angel! Her mom brought up Mariana teaching her to be kind to other people, but at the same time be self-confident and love herself.

Doctors noticed the girl’s mole as soon as she was born. Although it was small in size at first, eventually it grew bigger over the years.

Now Mariana is a popular Instagram model. She has thousands of followers, who support the model in her path to success and happiness. They often ask Mariana for advice and take her as a role-model for themselves. Go forward, no matter what!

Mariana is happy to help those who consider themselves outcasts of society and suffer from their non-standard appearance.

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