Girl was born with a cleft lip and was abandoned in the hospital. 19 years later, the mother saw her daughter on TV

I have recently read a story on the internet which touched me to the core. The story is about a baby girl whom her mother refused to take home even without taking the child in her arms after the birth.

Lyudmila was a very hard-working and responsible girl. For many years she wanted to work in one of the most prestigious companies in her city. She met all the criteria for the position of a sales manager, but recruitment to the company was a rare case since few people quitted the job. Then she struck it lucky: she got the job and the position she wanted so much. She wasn’t going to stop there. The girl wanted to achieve even greater success in the company and did her best for this goal.

Lyudmila was an attractive lady and always dressed with taste. At work, a strict skirt and a white shirt emphasized a real leader in her. The company administration noticed Lyudmila and liked her responsible approach to the job. She was also very intelligent and this attracted men. However, she didn’t really care about them. There was only one thing in her mind: her career. Building a strong family was nowhere in her plans.

Although the girl was not interested in men, sometimes she still needed them. One day, she decided to have some drinks at home and ordered pizza. The deliver guy was young and handsome. Lyudmila invited the guy in, as she was bored alone. The young man wasn’t against.

The girl didn’t remember that night. But what she found out in a few months, just shocked her. Lyuda was pregnant. Her period was always unstable, so this time she decided that there was a regular problem again, but it wasn’t it. She went to hospital and it turned out she was pregnant. Doctors didn’t let her get rid of the child, as it was already too late.

9 months passed, and Lyudmila went to hospital to deliver the baby. However, she didn’t even think about the labor. She was more worried about the project she had to present in a very important meeting. Thanks to this project, she could’ve had a promotion as the head of the department.

The labor was quick and not painful. And when the doctors showed the woman her daughter, she cried “Get this monster away from me!” Doctors totally didn’t expect such a reaction. The problem is, the girl was born with a cleft lip. Lyuda didn’t plan to take the baby with her and asked to let her go home as soon as possible.

In the ward next to her, there was a wife of a businessman. Her name was Elena. She was trying to have a baby for the third time already, but each time the child had died. It happened to her this time too. Her whole life instantly collapsed. Elena was walking down the corridor when she heard the conversation of the doctors. They were talking about the child and the woman who left her. The woman didn’t even hesitate. She made a snap decision to take the baby with her. She asked the doctors to show her the baby, and they agreed. Elena saw the charming bunny and realized, she couldn’t leave her there.

After a while the girl underwent an operation and got rid of the cleft lip. The girl was named Diana. She grew up and her beauty began to attract everyone. Diana knew her past and never wanted to meet her biological mother. She didn’t care about the woman.

Lyudmila, in her turn, achieved a promotion and, strangely enough, began to drink a lot, after which she stopped looking after herself. One day, she saw on TV the wedding of a rich businessman’s daughter. Lyuda recognized the girl’s mother. It was the woman who was lying next to her in hospital. This is how she realized that the beautiful girl was actually her daughter whom she left in the hospital 19 years ago. Now she was getting married.

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