Girl revealed her appearance that used to cover with makeup

She gained courage and is now proud of her natural beauty

Several years ago, people used to cover their non-standard appearance and unusual features by all means. And many people have become really obsessed with covering their natural appearance.

Tiffany Taylor, like most girls, started her day with makeup. She relied on heavy makeup to cover her unusual facial features. Tiffany was 14, when she found out she had vitiligo. The diagnosis came as a shock and Tiffany refused to accept it. Of course she saw other people with the same feature living their life to the fullest. However, the girl didn’t want her to be one of them.

Tiffany took up every means to cover her appearance. She started using a lot of foundation to cover the light parts on her face. She didn’t tell anything about her condition even to her closest friends.

Adolescence was even more difficult for her.

Her relatives knew about her insecurities, and didn’t mind buying her a lot of cosmetics, no matter how expensive they were.

Tiffany’s sufferings would have continues if not the famous model Winnie Harlow. The iconic woman was brave enough to show the whole world what vitiligo is.

Harlow greatly inspired Tiffany. And although our heroine couldn’t be brave enough for the whole world, she at least did it for herself.

Tiffany showed everyone her natural appearance for the first time at a Halloween party. She was “dressed” as Winnie Harlow. Everyone liked her “costume”, without even realizing that the girl was the real Tiffany.

That even changed her life dramatically. Tiffany gained courage and is now proud of her natural beauty. Over time, Tiffany started posting more of her photos without makeup. Many people sincerely admired the girl and her appearance.

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